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scoliosis brace

Maximizes correction

and balance

3D Biomechanical


The NYRC Brace TM

is a highly customized brace manufactured with the most advaced CAD/CAM technologies that helps scoliosis patients in ways that other devices cannot. It has been developed to provide, for each case, the most reliable and effective results during the conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis

Maximizes the correction of Sagittal Balance specific to your patient’s native pelvic incidence

The traditional TLSO’s provide an anti-physiological sagittal alignment and balance. Sagittal balance has proved important in adult spinal deformity, maintenance of balance during scoliosis treatment has lasting effects. Each NYRC Brace™ is highly customized to the patient’s native pelvic incidence. This unique feature in combination with other corrective forces applied by the NYRC Brace™ help to improve the sagittal balance.

3D Biomechanical Design of the NYRC Brace™ Complements Physical Therapy

To slow the scoliosis curve progression physical therapists teach patients to improve their postural alignment with specific exercises and positions. The NYRC Brace™ complements the physical therapy scoliosis specific exercises.

What makes the NYRC Brace™ unique?

3D body surface scanning

combined with x-rays to allow customized CAD CAM fit of brace.

Helps to achieve the greatest 3D

in-brace correction possible.

Maximizes the correction of sagittal balance,

specific to the patient’s native pelvic incidence.

3D biomechanical design

complements the physical therapy scoliosis specific exercises.

The smarter alternative for Scoliosis Treatment


Maximizes the correction of Sagittal Balance, specific to your patient’s native pelvic incidente

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